Case Study | Geebung Special School - Stage One

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Geebung Special School is a special school for students of primary and prior to school age (birth to 12) who have intellectual and other disabilities, located in the north-east region of Brisbane, within Education Queensland.

The school caters for approximately 115 school aged students and up to 40 students of pre-compulsory age. All students have been identified as requiring significant educational support arising from intellectual impairment and other disabilities.

As part of its school upgrade, Geebung Special School contracted Paynters Construction as the Principal Contractor to project manage the interior and exterior work across the campus.

Paynters Construction engaged LiftAbility to supply and install high level ceiling hoists to PWD’s (accessible bathrooms), and several electric wall mounted change tables. 

The ceiling hoist install required custom made rails that LiftAbility designed and crafted especially for the Geebung Special School project.

Our Project Manager, Martin, then undertook the complex installation with the rails fixed through doorways with transition couplings so the students can seamlessly and easily transition from bathrooms to classrooms via transition couplings and 90 degree curves.

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The layout of the rails is suspended 700mm down from the Soffit via our telescopic brackets which support the XY system in the bathroom which then connect to external rails by transition couplings.

The rail system and change tables are rated at a SWL 200kg (safe work load).

As LiftAbility custom designed and manufactured the rails and fixtures, it meant the client only needed to deal with one supplier for the complete installation requirements, plus LiftAbility were able to provide invaluable advice for a more efficient and easier install.

LiftAbility are the leaders in patient care and tailored solutions for those with disabilities or special physical needs. LiftAbility works closely with builders and architects to help them design and construct properties that meet the industry standards for disability access. 

Our team of licensed builders equip buildings with all of the features that create an optimal living environment for people with special needs. 

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