Who We Work With

LiftAbility is Australia’s Leading Supplier of Patient Transfer and Mobility Access Modifications / Solutions

We are the authorised distributors of Molift and Guldmann patient care systems and work with a wide clientele across the country.

Besides patient transfer and care equipment, we also provide home modification services to private homeowners to make their homes safe and accessible for the disabled.

Here are just some of the industries we serve, and the clients we work with: 


We work with some of the leading hospitals in Australia, providing state-of-the-art patient transfer equipment to help them maintain the highest standards of professional care. 

Our assisted care products have diverse applications in hospitals and are used in CCU, ICU, maternity, physiotherapy, and emergency. 

Our equipment allows for safe and streamlined patient transfers, maximising workplace efficiency. 

Aged Care Facilities

Aged care centres' sole focus is to take care of the elderly, and we’re committed to assisting them in every way possible to meet the highest standards of care. It is important for the residents of these aged care facilities to receive the best, dignified care and feel comfortable and safe. 

At the same time, a safe and efficient care environment is also essential for carers to avoid strain and injuries. We understand our responsibility and serve the Aged Care centres across Australia with top-of-the-line patient handling and patient transfer equipment, to make for an optimal environment for residents and carers alike.

Builders and Architects

Liftability work closely with builders and architects to help them design and construct properties that meet the industry standards for disability access. 

Our team of licensed builders equip buildings with all of the features that create an optimal living environment for people with special needs. 

We also collaborate with builders and architects on projects designed particularly for people who need extra care and support, equipping the buildings with fittings and products to assist those with special needs. 

Individuals and Carers

We also work with everyday people like you who may have special needs. We provide high-quality equipment for easy transfers, increased mobility, and better everyday care that makes life that little bit easier. 

Our team of licensed builders also offer home modification services to make properties more accessible and safer for the disabled or those with special needs.

Send us an email and find out how we can help you.