sit-to-stand lift to transfer patients

Sit to Stand (Quick Raiser)

Giving Independence to Lift and Transfer To and From a Sitting Position

The LiftAbility state-of-the-art sit-to-stand patient lift system is quick and easy to use and offers a safe transfer lift.

Our sit-to-stand quick raisers have an electrically adjustable leg base, and a high lifting capacity. 

The range is designed to cover the need for lift and transfer of patients who are to some extent capable of actively participating in the process. 

They are also comfortable, stable and safe with outstanding manoeuvrability, ensuring the lift and transfer of individuals to and from a sitting position.

The lifter has an exceptional design, with the shape and geometry of the lifting movement imitating the natural pattern of movement of a person. 

Please note, the sit-to-stand quick raiser patient lifters are only intended for lift and transfer to and from a sitting position.

1 product

1 product