Automated Living

Take control of your everyday activities by introducing automated living into your life. 

Individuals with disabilities and limited movement find one of their biggest challenges is performing everyday activities like turning the lights on and off, controlling blinds, moving curtains, opening doors, and more.

But not anymore! 

The modern smart home technology is your way forward to automated living, giving you much better control of such routine activities and eliminating the need for a carer for these everyday tasks. 

At Liftability, we bring you a range of smart home products that help ensure your cognitive and physical impairments aren’t a hindrance in controlling your work and home environments. 

Switch to automated living now and improve your lifestyle! 

Choose smart, voice-controlled lights for your home or office.

Lighting is important for every space, whether it is for creating the right ambiance or providing enough luminance to see clearly and do your stuff. But if you’re someone with limited movement, it can be a trouble to reach out for the light switch every time you need to turn the lights on or off.

The solution? The installation of smart lighting fixtures that are voice-enabled and can be controlled with simple voice commands. Just call it out loud, and the lights will follow!

Automate everything – blinds to doors to your alarm system and more....

It’s not just the lights that can be automated - you can automate literally everything from blinds and curtains to doors, alarms, locks, and more.

It’s ultimate convenience and brings a sense of independence that you have always wanted.Take advantage of the modern tech at your disposal and make these routine tasks more convenient. 

Ready to switch to automated living? Send our team an enquiry and let’s work out a solution for you.