Specialist Disability Accommodation

Quality equipment to meet the high support needs of SDA Residents.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is housing that makes life easier for individuals with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. 

While these accommodations can have a more accessible design to assist the residents in living more independently, special equipment like ceiling hoists, floor hoists, slings, and pull lifters are a must for safe and easy transfers and handling of the residents.

At LiftAbility, we take pride in bringing you the highest-quality equipment tailored for SDAs to provide support the disabled residents need for living a safer, more independent lifestyle. 

Make care easier and safer for residents and carers.

From custom ceiling hoists and floor hoists to premium quality slings, change tables, and Sit to Stand lifts, we provide a wide range of equipment for SDAs to ensure ease of mobility for the old, disabled residents and the safety of their staff. The right choice of equipment can be crucial for delivering services within SDAs and avoiding the risk of injuries due to trips and falls. 

It is also important to install the equipment with multi-room coverage, making private bathing and toileting possible so that the disabled residents feel better emotionally. Pull lifters and Sit to Stand raisers can also make the job easier for the carer as they try to move the patient for transfers and other routine activities.

Fulfil individual patient needs and make SDAs safe and comfortable for all residents.

People with disabilities have different needs, and they may need different specialised equipment to live comfortably. Modifying the property to meet the individual needs of the residents can be a tough ask for the SDA providers. 

At LiftAbility, we understand that and bring you the widest range of high-quality healthcare equipment for those with extreme functional impairment. 

Get the equipment you need and make SDAs safe and comfortable for the residents - contact our team today.