Provide professional care safely using our patient handling equipment.

Hospitals and healthcare centres regularly encounter patients with special needs, mobility issues, and extreme functional impairments. 

While support staff are trained to provide care to such patients, it becomes risky if the facility is not equipped with the right support equipment to assist with movement and day-to-day activities. 

Patients need support for getting up and out of their bed or wheelchair, dressing, hygiene, bathing, medication assistance, etc, and carers have a challenging 24/7 job. Equipping the facility with assisted care equipment including ceiling hoists, floor hoists, gantry systems, slings, and more will allow for rendering professional care without risking accidents and compromising patients’ privacy and dignity. 

LiftAbility is Australia’s top supplier of assisted living equipment, with a complete range of assisted care tools on offer to help with safe and risk-free patient transfers, handling, and everyday care. 

Create a professional environment with high-end support systems installed.

It is important for hospitals and healthcare centres to meet certain criteria and standards to render professional, high-quality care to those with a disability or special needs. 

Creating a professional environment with state-of-the-art equipment installed throughout the facility supports patients, and also makes the job of carers safer as their health and wellbeing are protected using our safe and efficient patient handling equipment. 

Invest in the right equipment for easier and safer patient care.

Patient care can be easier and safer using quality equipment. After all, that’s what the best hospitals and healthcare facilities are meant to offer. However, that’s only possible with the right equipment and tools designed specifically for assisted patient care. 

Our ceiling hoists, floor hoists, slings, gantry systems, and many other assisted care products are tailor-made for easier and safer patient care, minimising the risks of accidental trips and falls during patient lifting and transfers. With the right equipment, you can provide better comfort and stability as the carers lift patients for transfers or perform everyday patient care activities.

Our high-end assisted care equipment is designed to be unobtrusive. It allows for seamless lateral and vertical patient movement with multi-room coverage to meet the highest standards of risk-free patient care. 

Choose the right equipment for your facility and give patients the care they deserve.