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Liftability Gantry A Reliable Solution to Meet Your Patient Transfer Needs

Taking care of the elderly and individuals with a disability is often challenging because of the unique needs of the patients. It requires aged care homes, and hospitals to invest in proactive solutions with utmost flexibility. 

Patient transfers and handling can be easier with ceiling hoists, but a gantry is a more flexible solution for your temporary hoisting needs, offering portability and comfort in a single piece of equipment. 

LiftAbility is your trusted provider of high-end gantry systems and other aged care equipment. Our freestanding hoist units give you the best Traverse System tailored for your temporary hoisting needs.

If the facility is not designed to have fixed installations, our Traverse Gantry system makes the ultimate solution for easy transfers and patient handling. 

Solve most overhead lifting situations with our reliable Traverse Gantry System.

Ideal for temporary hoisting needs in private homes or aged care centres, our Traverse Gantry system features a four-post track with a movable traverse rail that supports unlimited hoist positions in its range. 

Our high-end Gantry Systems come equipped with thoughtfully designed components that assist with easy patient transfers in a variety of environments with different lifting needs. You can adapt the gantry system according to your room layout, organisational needs, and specific patient requirements. 

Offering excellent stability and a maximum lifting capacity of 300 kg, our Molift Quattro Gantry is the answer to all your overhead lifting needs. Use it for transferring patients to or from a bed, chair, wheelchair, floor, or toilet, and forget worrying about accidental falls and trips. 

What makes our Molift Quattro Gantry System superior?

  • Our industry-leading Molift Quattro Gantry System combines a quality build with high-end functional components to offer versatility and reliability together. It’s a freestanding hoist unit tailored to offer extreme stability and manouverability for easy access in a variety of lifting situations

  • Privacy in multi-bed environments when used with in combination ceiling hoists 

  • Ultimate flexibility with quick and easy installation, height adjustable shoes, multiple charging options for the hoist motors, and other features.

LiftAbility is committed to offering high-end equipment for patient handling and transfers, and our Traverse Gantry System is a step forward to fulfilling our commitment.

Trust us for your temporary patient transfer and hoisting needs and make transfers easier for the disabled and carers alike.

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2 products