Aged Care

Make aged care safer and easier with our range of assisted care equipment.

Taking care of the elderly and individuals with special needs is a challenging job, and without proper equipment for assisted care, you risk serious injuries and discomfort. 

Especially when a person has limited mobility, it becomes challenging for the carer to lift them out of their bed, chair, wheelchair, or toilet without appropriate support and special equipment made for such applications. 

Therefore, aged care facilities must invest in high-end equipment that assists with smooth and easy transfers without the risk of falls or trips. The right equipment makes assisted care convenient for both the disabled and the carer. 

LiftAbility offers top-of-the-line assisted care equipment for aged care centres, SDAs, hospitals, and private homes across Australia. Our range of products includes everything from slings and pull-lifters to ceiling hoists, floor hoists, gantry systems, and more. 

Ensure the best care for the elderly and improve their quality of life with the right equipment. 

Leaving one’s home and settling in an aged care centre is not an easy decision for many people. Aged care homes should provide the care and safety to make for a smooth transition. Individuals with special needs require special attention and care they deserve, and it’s only possible with the right equipment. 

The special equipment designed for elderly care assists with their day-to-day activities and helps them move around without straining their muscles. It not only helps improve their quality of life but also keeps them safe against accidental hazards. 

Meet the highest standards of service and care.

The sole purpose of an aged care facility is to provide residential care and make a difference in the lives of individuals who cannot look after themselves any longer.

Residents of these facilities must receive high-quality care and should be looked after by expert medical staff and carers, offering them the support and comfort they deserve. 

To make it all happen, it is crucial to have access to state-of-the-art care equipment that can assist residents with their routine activities and allows them to get up and move comfortably. An aged care facility can only meet the highest standards of service and care if it is equipped with specialised bathroom aids, mobility support, adjustable beds, pressure relief mattresses and bed lifts, and more. 

At LiftAbility, we understand the special equipment needs of aged care facilities and bring you a wide range of high-end equipment from Australia’s top providers. Check out our range now, and equip your facility with the right equipment to meet the special needs of the residents.