Cool Down This Summer With A Pool Hoist

As the warmer months approach, a swim in the pool is an ideal way to keep cool in the summer heat.

Taking a dip in the pool brings a lot of advantages - it can be a refreshing reprieve from the heat, it's great for your physical condition, it's an ideal reason to get your buddies together!

However, if going to the beach or the nearby swimming pool is no longer an option, what then?

Swimming for the elderly or those with disabilities isn't always an easy task. It offers an escape from the boundaries of gravity, creating a feeling of liberation, yet for those with special needs, many obstacles must be faced before they can take a dip.

Using a hoist is the most efficient and advantageous way for many individuals to get in and out of pools or spas , and pool hoists present a great option for access to any swimming pool.

At Lift-Ability, we provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of various levels of disability, allowing people to relish in the summer warmth and get back into the pool.

Access to a pool for those who have disabilities is also great for physical exercise, hydrotherapy or water therapy. This form of therapy has been prescribed to alleviate pain and aid in rehabilitation, as it provides a feeling of freedom and allows for smoother movement.


Finding a suitable pool hoist for personal use

When buying a pool hoist for personal use, you are able to concentrate on your disability and individual requirements.

Before buying a hoist, consider your height, weight and any requirements for informing others about your needs. Additionally, make sure the model you select is suitable for the climate and weather where you live.

Most hoists are constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel, but they can still be affected by the salty air found close to the sea.


Consult with the experts in pool hoists

Engaging with pool hoist experts at Lift-Ability ensures you have a tailored solution, customised to your needs and ensures professional installation.

Pool hoists have made swimming pools much easier and more comfortable to access for seniors and those with disabilities. Possessing one of these lifts is advantageous to both the user and the owner of the pool.

Lift-Ability are an NDIS provider and can help with the funding of your hoist. We also offer an efficient installation process with services to all cities of Australia!