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Molift AIR 350 IRC Propulsion

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The Molift Air 350 IRC Propulsion is a small, compact and easy to install ceiling hoist.

Combined with the Molift Rail System (MRS), the Molift Air can be used to transfer patients in all kinds of environments.

The propulsion, or also called power traverse, enables you to move patients along the rail at a push of a button.

This unit also allows for IRC (in-rail charging) which means a charging unit is not necessary as the unit is powered through the rail.

The Molift Air can be used to transfer patients in both sitting and horizontal positions and can be used for standing and gait training.

With a low weight and quick release function, the Molift Air is easy to handle during installation and servicing. 

Whats included:

  • Liftmotor
  • Handcontrol
  • Cable

Also required, Molift IRC Propulsion Trolley (item no. 2520006).