Mobility Access Modifications

Make your home accessible and live with freedom and independence with the right mobility access modifications.

People with a disability and mobility issues often have accessibility problems in their homes. 

Most buildings are not designed with mobility access modifications in mind, and it becomes a major concern for the residents with special needs. Fortunately, you can choose to modify your home for access, making it safer and more accessible for residents with a disability. It is possible to modify every part of your home to make it easily accessible so that you can conveniently move around and live with freedom and independence. 

At LiftAbility, we are home modification, mobility access modification experts with years of experience in modifying homes to make them accessible for the disabled. We have the expertise and the experience to offer state-of-the-art home modifications to make your home safer and tailored to your specific needs.

Quality Mobility Access Modifications for safe and easy access throughout the home. 

Home Mobility Access Modifications with Lift-ability Australia

Nothing is more important than the safety and easy access across the home for the disabled who want to live independently.

Home modifications to create a safe and accessible environment around the home to meet your special physical needs can include:

  • Ceiling Hoists
  • Standing Hoists
  • Ramps

  • Wheelchair access

  • Handrails and grab rails

  • Widening doors and hallways

  • Accessible bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Smooth flooring

  • Porch lifts

  • Stair lifts

  • Emergency exits 

We provide these home modifications and many other customised solutions to meet your specific needs across Australia. Trust us with the safety and accessibility of your home. 

Choose the right Mobility Access modifications for your home.

While most basic requirements are the same, people with mobility issues may have different needs. 

The elderly may only need handrails and grab rails in different areas to move safely around the home and avoid the risk of accidental trips. On the contrary, people with a disability may need wheelchair access, ramps, stairlifts, etc. 

To maintain your independence, it is important to choose the right home mobility access modifications  that can address your specific mobility issues. Besides modifying your property, we also install assistive technology to make your home more accessible and allow you to live independently.

Let our experts evaluate your property and your specific home modification needs to devise smart solutions to meet your accessibility requirements. 

From installing handrails and grab rails to more sophisticated home modifications to prevent trip hazards, our experts supervise every aspect of the home modification project to meet the highest service quality standards. 

We provide professional consulting, design, and construction services for your mobility access modifications to make your home accessible for people with disabilities.